Original U.S. WWII Set of Two Knuckle Dusters - Cast Steel & Molded Plastic

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set of Two Available. Here we have a very nice set of U.S. WWII Knuckle Dusters, one made from Cast Steel, and the other from Molded Plastic. These were used for close combat in the field, and were very effective at increasing the effectiveness of a fist in hand to hand combat, while also protecting the fingers from broken bones.

The metal examples were often cast aboard large ships, who necessarily had small foundries and metalworkers needed to effect repairs on the various parts of a ship. Compared to their usual work, making cast knuckles was relatively simple. These look to be die cast, and also have what looks to be brass or nickel plating on part of the surface, to prevent corrosion. The metal knuckles measure approximately 4 1/4" x 2 1/2".

The plastic examples were most likely made on land, as plastic production was mostly done in very large scale. These are definitely molded, and still have the mold lines. While these did not increase the weight of a punch in the same way that the metal knuckles would, they still would protect the fingers effectively. These plastic knuckles measure approximately 4" x 2 1/2".

These both would have been highly effective, and are definitely a step above the often crudely made examples we see. Ready to display!

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