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Original U.S. WWII Set of 3 USAAF Double Sided Escape Maps of the South Pacific - dated 1943 & 1944

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a set of 3 (6 if you count both sides) U.S. Army Air Forces escape maps from the South Pacific theater of WWII. These are all published by the Army Map Service, U.S. Army in Washington D.C., and dated 1943 & 1944. Each is in color, and they are part of various map "series" that were used to cover wide areas.

These are the maps included in the set:

TOKYO & OSAKA, major port cities on the coast of Japan. This double-sided map measures 26"W x 25"H, and looks to be unissued. It does have some fraying of the fabric around the edges from storage.

CENTRAL CHINA & FRENCH INDOCHINA. 20"W x 27"H in size. These are from the USAAF "Asiatic Series" of maps, No. 32 & No. 33, and show adjacent coastal areas along the South China Sea. The map looks to be unissued, with minor pulling at the edges.

EAST BORNEO & WEST BORNEO, showing both sides of the large island of Borneo, today divided into Malaysia and Brunei in the north, and Indonesia to the south. The map measures 27"W x 31"H, and is numbered C-45 & C-46. This map shows light use, with the usual edge fraying. 

All in good condition, with lots of colors and details!

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