Original U.S. WWII Set of 3 USAAF Aircraft Identification Posters: German Heinkel 111 + British Stirling & Halifax

Item Description

Original Items: One set of 3 Posters. During WWII, one of the biggest issues regarding the new use of Aircraft was that many look very similar. Learning to differentiate and identify the multitude of Airplanes in use was key to successful air combat. One did not want to expose any aircraft to friendly fire, and likewise did not want to let an enemy aircraft avoid detection.

For this reason, the Identification unit of the Army Air forces put out a series of identification posters, each measuring 14"W x 20"H. These would include multiple views of the aircraft, and highlighted specific features that could be used to aid in identification.  The three we have here all indicate they were developed in 1942, and all three are deemed RESTRICTED.

The posters included in this set are for the friendly British Heavy Bombers STIRLING & HALIFAX, as well as the German Bomber HEINKEL 111, usually called the He 111. All of the posters are fully legible, with the expected age toning and wear around the edges.  There are a few tears and stains, but nothing major.

A great WWII set, perfect for a glass topped table!

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