Original U.S. WWII Service Worn Paratrooper D-Day Invasion American Flag Oilcloth Armband with Safety Pins

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice service used condition example of a very scarce Airborne Paratrooper Flag Armband. This type of armband was typically used by U.S. Paratroopers for example in North Africa (1942), during the D-Day invasion in Normandy (June 1944) and during Operation Market Garden (September 1944). The armband was typically fixed to the uniform jacket arm with safety pins.

This is the third type of Arm flag, which was printed as an armband on a kind of sturdy paper stock resembling wallpaper, called oilcloth. This is a semi-waterproof material also called "lacquered cloth" and "American Cloth". It has punch holes and was issued with two safety pins, however only one is still present. It measures approximately 17" x 4", the standard length for these items.

Most of the examples we see are in unissued condition, usually folded into thirds, however this example definitely looks to have "been there"! It has some dirt and staining, and oxidation on the safety pins. This type of wear and patina simply cannot be duplicated!

This type was issued for the Southern France, Holland and Rhine jumps and was worn as an armband or cut or folded and pinned to the sleeve. 509th PIR troopers during Operation Dragoon wore their flags on the left sleeve. There are two variations of this type of armflag, and you will mostly find both described as printed on oilcloth. This is true for the second type, which has a hemmed edge all around, but which is otherwise identical in pattern and size.

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