Original U.S. WWII “Remember Pearl Harbor” Charm Bracelet Set - 3 Items

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Original Items: Only One Set of 3 Available. The attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, ignited not only anger towards the enemy, it also sparked a wildfire of patriotism in every American in all corners of the country. As the war effort was kicked into overdrive, Americans did everything they could to remind each other why they were fighting and what could be lost. A prime example of these reminders is the common message on the bracelets you are looking at here. They are very patriotic in nature and design, with the slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor” or just “Pearl Harbor”. In the early years of WWII how could you not remember Pearl Harbor?

The 3 Bracelets Included:
- Pearl Harbor Navy Yard Coin Bracelet: The bracelet measures approximately 7 ¾” and has the coins evenly spaced. The coins are slightly domed with “WE KEEP THEM FIT TO FIGHT” with a popular scene of the Navy Yard, a ship in port with a crane operating while an aircraft flies overhead. Beneath this scene you’ll find an eagle with wings spread clutching a hammer and saw. On the bottom edge “PEARL HARBOR NAVY YARD” can be found. The opposite side of the coins is an American Flag with an anchor behind it. The text is in a half circle above the flag and reads as “THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER”. All coins are identical and the images and lettering are highly visible.

- Pearl Harbor Coast Guard Bracelet: In his war declaration speech, President Franklin Roosevelt labeled Dec. 7, 1941, as a “date that will live in infamy.” On that day, without forewarning or a declaration of war, forces of Imperial Japan attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In the battle, Coast Guard units served alongside the Navy, firing anti-aircraft barrages against the Japanese attackers and performing harbor and anti-submarine patrols. Coast Guard cutters, patrol boats, bases, stations, lighthouse, and personnel assigned to the Fourteenth Naval District supported U.S. naval forces on Dec. 7.

The bracelet measures approximately 7 ½” and features the words “PEARL HARBOR” in blue enameled letters. In between the two words is a single USCG insignia. There is some tarnishing present on the brass, but there is no noticeable damage present.

- Remember Pearl Harbor Bracelet: This is an absolutely lovely example on how something does not have to be extravagant in design to send a clear message. “REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR” is constructed of individual brass lettering and are so closely situated to each other that they slightly overlap. At the end of the bracelet is a single Navy Chief rank insignia (anchor with USN). The bracelet measures approximately at 7 ¼” and appears free of damage.

All three bracelets come more than ready for display!

No moment in the history of the United States casts a larger shadow than the attack at Pearl Harbor. “Remembering” it has become a national imperative, a patriotic duty for the American people, and reminds us of that duty has become a ritual of media and political discourse—repeated so often and in so many ways that it’s become part of the routine of our communal life. You might say, even 80 years after the fact, Pearl Harbor is still a national obsession.

And no wonder! The drama of the event justifies every bit of the attention it has received. Those Japanese Zeros and Kates and Vals swooping out of the sky were carrying out the first armed attack on US territory since the British burned Washington in August 1814—a long time ago, even in 1941. A sudden and surprise attack on a US fleet utterly unprepared for what was transpiring and barely able to defend itself; battleships sunk; mass casualties: Pearl Harbor was a national trauma, the kind of grisly event that would be hard to forget even if we tried.

In 1941, the United States went to war, quite literally, with “Remember Pearl Harbor!” as its battle cry, and even today, it seems entirely fitting that our war with Japan began at one anchorage and ended at another. Stretching from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay, the Pacific War was an almost perfect example of historical symmetry.

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