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Original U.S. WWII Rare USMC Issued USN MK2 Talker Flak Helmet with Chin Strap

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The MkII "Talker" helmet was developed in 1942 for naval personnel, allowing communications headgear to be easily worn under the helmet. It was a very large and somewhat ungainly helmet to wear though it did serve its purpose very well. It was designed to accommodate wearing headphones for Radiomen or anyone using shipboard sound-powered phones. These were also issued to the gunners on board who fired from open air fixed battle stations that buzzed with flying splinters, such as the Anti-Aircraft turrets and other smaller caliber weapons.

The Mk-2 was manufactured by the McCord Radiator Company in Detroit Michigan; the "Arsenal of Democracy". Its composition is non-magnetic Hadfield manganese steel. In addition to accommodating headphones, it also provided a great deal of protection to the wearer. The bowl is so wide it even provided some coverage to the shoulders of the sailor who was underneath it.

The Mk II, like the Mk I, has cork applied with the paint to provide a textured, non-reflective surface. This example however is not painted the usual "Sea Blue", but instead the original color is the standard O.D. Green, as seen on the M1 Helmet used by ground forces. This indicates that it is in fact a U.S. Marine Corps issued helmet, which is extremely rare!

Every large U.S. Navy ship during WWII, such as cruisers, battleships, or aircraft carriers, had an on board Marine Detachment (or MarDet), a unit of 35 to 55 United States Marines. This unit performed various functions, and traditionally there would be one turret on board battleships and cruisers that would be manned by the MarDet, instead of Naval Crewmen. The larger ships had many turrets, so only very few out of the total were manned by Marines.

Marine Corps "Talker" Flak helmets have always been very hard to find, especially genuine WWII examples with a complete undamaged liner intact chin strap. This example is in very good condition, with an excellent chin strap, and does not appear to have been used much. The paint is almost completely intact, though there was some touching up done on the inside. The foam under the liner has become hard with age, but still looks great, with minimal damage or staining. A great example of a rare USMC helmet from WWII, ready to display!

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