Original U.S. WWII Psychological Warfare Leaflet B-17 Over Hong Kong #M1906

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a 100% genuine WWII B17 Flying Fortress Over Hong Kong - U.S. Propaganda leaflet number M1906.

The strategic heavy bomber is the major symbol of American power throughout the history of our psychological operations (PSYOP). No other nation has ever used bombers as a regular reappearing image on their propaganda. This seems uniquely American. An effective leaflet threatens the enemy with catastrophic bombing should they resist. The threat was real. The American heavy bomber is the symbol of the reach and strategic power of the United States. The leaflet reflects that power and was an effective means of changing minds and hearts.

However, was the image of American aircraft overhead of any real propaganda value? The question seems to have been answered in a secret 1943 report on what was needed by the Philippine Resistance to carry on under Japanese occupation:

Undoubtedly, the best and most irrefutable propaganda that the Allied can now use in the Philippines is the airplane. This will give lie to the main Japanese propaganda and blow to smithereens their entire propaganda machine. Nothing except invasion can equal the propaganda value of the sight of an American airplane in the Philippine skies today…Even if the airplane were to drop nothing, the mere sight of it and the star on its wings will give the people tangible things to boost their morale and renew their faith in the American pledge to redeem the Philippines.

This particular B17 Flying Fortress Over Hong Kong- U.S. Propaganda leaflet number M1906 relates the fact that the Japanese were not safe from American bombers in China. This striking Allied leaflet entitled Warning for Civilians was dropped over Japanese troops occupying Hong Kong. It shows a devastating bomb raid by American B-17 Flying Fortresses.

Some of the leaflet’s text translates to:

You are destroying your homeland.

America with its extensive resources and unlimited factories for production of armaments is winning this war. The Japanese know that. Already your inner defense line closer to your homeland like the Mariana Islands has been breached.

Until a year ago, the closest US base to Japan was Pearl Harbor. Today, we have bases close to Japan for bombing runs.

America has already bombed Kyushi several times. Cities such as Yawata, Moji, Nagasaki, Sasebo, Fujuoka have been bombed. As long as you continue this useless resistance, we will continue to bomb Japanese cities…

The leaflet is doubles sided and measures 8 x 5 and is offered in excellent condition.

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