Original U.S. WWII & Post War Sweetheart Jewelry Grouping - 6 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Group of 6 Available. Historically, sweetheart jewelry dates back to the First World War, serving as a connection between men overseas and loved ones back home. While a token in the First World War, the concept took hold during the Second World War with many famous jewelers.
Sweetheart jewelry from this pivotal point in United States history was made from a variety of materials. Due to metal rationing during World War II, companies were forced to switch to sterling silver instead of the base metal normally used in their products. This switch tripled the price of their products, but did not affect sales.
The Items Included:
- 1943 U.S. Army Bracelet: The bracelet features two merged heart in the center with the heart on the left bearing the Army crest and the heart on the right featuring hand etched initials and year: J.B.C TO M.A.C. / 1943.
- WWII Era US Army Bracelet: The two end hearts have flowers on them with the words Forget Me Nots with the other hearts spelling out A-R-M-Y.
- WWII Army Air Forces Cuff Bracelet: This is a lovely nickel plated cuff style bracelet featuring lovely floral motifs on each end, 2 conjoined hearts in the middle with an arrow going through them and a small Air Corps pin riveted onto the center.
- Vietnam War Era Penny and Dime Bracelet: The bracelet features 3 Pennies dating 1962 and a Dime dating 1946. It appears to have one of the coin charms missing.
- Army Infantry Bracelet: This is a relatively modern “mom” bracelet featuring the name BRYCE and crossed rifles symbolizing he was in the infantry.
- Winged Heart Necklace: We are uncertain of the era or if it is military related. It features a lovely heart with a wing on each side.
These are all lovely examples of sweetheart jewelry that comes ready for display!
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