Original U.S. WWII Pair of M49A2 60mm Deactivated Mortar Round Bookends - One Dated 1945

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Pair Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with hollow body and inert fuse. These mortar rounds cannot be converted to explosive devises and are not available for export.

Just what every ordnance enthusiast needs for their book shelf! This is a pair of hard to find WWII M49A2 Deactivated Mortar Rounds for the U.S. 60mm M2 Mortar, which have been turned into a great pair of bookends! One is marked and dated 1945 on the body, while the other is unmarked. Both have non-magnetic fuzes marked ILCO, and the main bodies look to have been chrome plated. These match well with the heavy plated steel bottom pieces.

The dated round has the standard lot number and type markings stamped into the body:

BIRD - 3    - 45 - 60MM - M49A2

The fuzes on both still have their original arming clip pins, and unscrew from the main body of the rounds. They also can be disassembled, taking off the top "plunger" portion. One round still has the internal spring for the top, while the other one has lost the spring as well as the small cotter pin that keeps it from falling out, easily replaced.

The bases are detachable, and thread into the bottoms of the rounds. The bottom of one base is covered with red felt, while the other has clear rubber feet, two of which are missing, so it currently sits at an angle. Replacing these with felt or other feet would be an easy fix.

A great opportunity for a lovely set of Mortar round Bookends. Ready to display!

The M49A2 was a High explosive (HE) round, equipped with various point detonation fuzes. It was an explosive shell used against infantry and other light area targets. It has a minimum range of 200 yards when fired without a boosting charge at a 70° angle and a maximum range of 2017 yards when fired with four boosting charges at a 45° angle.

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