Original U.S. WWII Pair of 20mm Inert Anti-Aircraft Round Bookends - Both Dated 1945

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Pair Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with empty casings, deactivated primers and inert projectiles. These rounds cannot be converted to explosive devises and are not available for export.

Just what every ordnance enthusiast needs for their book shelf! This is a pair custom made brass and copper book ends, each of which has an inert 20mm Anti-Aircraft round attached. These were used with the Oerlikon 20 mm autocannon that was mounted on U.S. Navy ships beginning in 1942. While eventually they were found to be ineffective when dealing with Japanese Kamikaze attacks, they were definitely an improvement over the M2 Browning in terms of power and range.

Both rounds are stamped on the bottom with the same marking:

20 MM MK 4 1945

The bases of the shells are threaded and install onto the threaded rods on the book ends. Both projectiles are painted green with red tips, and are marked MK3 - 45J on the sides, with additional markings on the fuze tips. The projectiles on both rounds can be removed for inspection as well.

The book ends themselves measure approximately 4" x 4" at the base, and the sides that contacts the book are about 3 1/4" tall. Both have felt padding on the bottom, and are ready for use!

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