Original U.S. WWII Pacific War Bring Back Knife Set: 2 Indonesian Batak Daggers

Item Description

Original Item: One Set Only. This is a very nice set of two edged weapons, brought back by a US Soldier from the Pacific Theater of WWII. During the war, servicemen were deployed all over the Western Pacific islands, and had much interaction with the island populations, who were often liberated from Japanese occupation. From these locations, they brought back all types of knives.

The knife set is from Indonesia, especially the Batak people. These are usually a short sort, with an overall length of 11 1/2 inches and a 6 1/2 inch blade. The larger knife measures an overall length of 13 ½ inches with a 7 ½ inch blade. These were the standard self-defense sidearm of Batak men. These examples have a typically shaped blade and the hilts are wood fitted with brass. The hilts themselves are a woman with the other being what appears to be a man with an animal face on the back of his head.

These are extremely interesting items that come ready for research and display!

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