Original U.S. WWII Officer M1936 Pistol Belt, M1911 Holster, Magazine Pouch, Carlisle First Aid Pouch WITH Bandage, M1942 Bayonet, Canteen/Cup Set and Grenade Pouch With (2) Replica MkII Grenades With Pouch

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Just in! A beautiful US M1936 Pistol Belt loaded with pouches and items that would have been carried by Commissioned and Non-Commissioned officers alike.

The replica grenades are totally inert and in complete compliance per the current BATF regulations governing inert ordnance ownership.

Due to this grouping having (2) Replica MkII Fragmentation Grenades, this grouping is Not Available For Export.

Between 1919 and 1940, the Army’s accouterments and personal equipment remained virtually unchanged. Following World War I, there were enough items on hand for every soldier of the Regular Army to be issued two sets, one for field use and one only for inspection. Items produced during World War I would continue in general use throughout World War II and, in some cases, well beyond.

To be sure the Ordnance Department had made improvements to various items, but because of the quantity of items on hand and the financial situation in general, none of these items were put into production until just before the start of World War II. As a result, a number of items have model or pattern dates that are much earlier than their earliest production dates. For example, the M1923 cartridge belt, and the M1924 First Aid Pouch did not go into production until 1940.

In 1936 the Army adopted a field bag (also referred to as a “musette bag”) for mounted troops and officers (later extended to airborne and mechanized personnel as well) that was a copy of the officer’s field bag used by the British Army in World War I. The old pattern equipment suspenders used by the cavalry were redesigned and D-rings were incorporated so that the field bag could be attached to the shoulder straps. The bag was designated as Bag, Canvas, Field, Olive Drab, M1936 and the suspenders were designated as Suspenders, Belt, M1936. The pistol and revolver belt was also modified enough to get the M1936 designation as well.

The Items In This collection:
- WWII issue M1936 pistol belt: The US stamp is faded and the belt itself is free of damage.
- WWII issue M1911 leather holster by SEARS / 42: The holster is in great shape, with only light staining.
- WWII issue M1911 double magazine web pouch dated 1942: Free of damage and looks to have seen very little use in service. It is marked on the backside with what looks to be 1942 / HOFF MFG. CO.
- Original WWII issue first aid web pouch marked BOYT and dated 1943: Free of damage and the stampings are still present.
- M-1910/42 Canteen Set: Consists of Cover with U.S. Stamp, Maker marked faded but dated “1945”, 1945 Dated Canteen Cup, and 1943 Dated Canteen
- M18 Smoke Grenade Pouch: The pouch contains TWO replica MkII Pineapple Fragmentation Grenades. INERT
- M1 Garand 10 inch Bayonet by PAL with M7 Scabbard: This is an excellent condition U.S. M1 bayonet with a 10 inch blade for the M1 Garand Rifle, complete with the correct WWII Issue M7 scabbard. This bayonet is essentially the same as the earlier M1905 / M1942 bayonet, but with a 10 inch blade instead of 16 inches. The bayonet is in wonderful condition and is marked and dated PAL / 1942.

A wonderful set that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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