Original U.S. WWII Navy South Pacific Bring Back Grouping - Subi Clubs and Coconut

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. This inventive US Navy sailor who served in the South Pacific, most probably in the Solomon Islands, Malaita Island, Malaita province sent back some souvenirs to his relatives during the war. Each item in the set is individually named and addressed as follows:

11 Spec. H Co.
C/o Fleet HQ
San Fransisco, CALIF

865 W, Main St.
Kent, Ohio

Two of the items are sub clubs, one has a paper mailing label tied to it the other was addressed in ink right on the club. A subs is a war club, called a supe or subi, from the Solomon Islands brought back after WWII.On the islands of Malaita, part of the larger Solomon Island chain which was inhabited over 30,000 years ago, a unique fighting club evolved—the supe or subi. This club is rhomboid in shape and terminates in a pyramidal or diamond-shaped butt. The supe was used for close combat and could deliver deep gashes and bone-crushing blows. It is carved entirely from wood. The both measure approximately 16 inches in length.

The third item is a COCONUT! Thats right, this sailor wrote his address on a coconut and mailed it home. He also wrote FORM SOUTHWEST PACIFIC on it. Apparently it got home!

A really fun and interesting set with good research potential and a fun story to boot!
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