Original U.S. WWII Navy Recognition Training 35mm Slides - Complete Box of 500

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Original Items: One Set Only. This is a set of 500 (approximately) U.S. Navy Air Recognition slides for pilots, Anti-Aircraft gunners, radar crews, among many others. Used to train pilots, ground and deck personnel to learn the silhouettes and profiles of oncoming, deflection and tail shots of enemy and friendly aircraft.

In 1942 a Recognition School was established by the Navy at Ohio State University where this method of identification was developed. In 1943 the school was taken over by the US Navy. The importance of training in visual recognition of ships and aircraft became even more evident during World War II. Mistakes resulting in costly errors and loss of life led to an increased emphasis on recognition as a vital skill.

This set contains in a custom wood box full of approximately 500 glass slides. The box is marked on the exterior; 501-1000. The interior 5 rows of slides are marked 1-100. The thick glass slides are in very good condition. Each slide contains photos or sketches of both allied and axis ships, submarines and airplanes. All of the slides are mounted on glass. Some are one solid sheet of glass where the aircraft is stenciled on, while others are 2 thin sheets of glass with the photographic film inserted between the halves. The black border is electrical tape which was carefully placed around each slide to prevent cuts. The aircraft images and the gray colored border areas have been stenciled onto the glass. The slides are all standard 35mm size and they fit into a carousel slide projector.

An example slide is marked as follows:




FW 190 [Focke-Wulf Fw 190]

Discard all previous slides

bearing this number.

This is a wonderful set from WW2 that could still be used in special side projectors. Truly a nice and rare find to discover a complete box set as all we’ve ever seen is a handful of slides being offered once in a while.

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