Original U.S. WWII Navy Oxygen Breathing Rescue Apparatus Type A-1

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. As used in WW2 by the U.S Navy this is a Navy Oxygen Breathing Rescue Apparatus, Type A-1. The Type A-1 apparatus was a self-contained, closed-circuit device. Oxygen, generated by chemicals in a canister, flowed to the right-hand section of the breathing bag, where it mixed with air previously passed through the canister, then to the left-hand breathing bag and on through the inhalation tube into the lungs. This process allowed the wearer to be independent of the surrounding atmosphere for the effective time limit of the oxygen supply, approximately 45 minutes. 

This firefighting gear was first used by the Navy in WWII. According to one of our helpful customers; I served on an oilier (underway replenishment tanker) and even though I was a Radarman I was a trained firefighter due to the danger of sailing around sitting on 5 million plus gallons of flammable liquid, we practiced with the OBA on a regular basis. The canister gets quite hot in use and you had to fill the "lungs" of the OBA with your own breath when you started out. The Navy took shipboard firefighting VERY seriously I was sent to two firefighting schools during my two years of active duty which carried over to 20 years as a paid-on-call firefighter.

This genuine WWII issue type A-1 apparatus is offered complete, even with the correct oxygen canister!

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