Original U.S. WWII Navy Air Crewman VPB-99 Patrol Bomb Squadron Named Grouping

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind Set. USN Aircrewman George R. Fischer (SN 880-92-33) served in the United States Navy during World War Two from May 12th, 1944 to the February 21st, 1946. He was assigned to the 99th Patrol Bomb Squadron in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (PTO). He was a certified Aricrewman aboard Martin PBM Mariners and flew numerous missions as seen in his accompanying flight log book.

The first PBM-1s entered service with Patrol Squadron Fifty-Five (VP-55) of the United States Navy on 1 September 1940. Prior to the USA's entry into World War II, PBMs were used (together with PBYs) to carry out Neutrality Patrols in the Atlantic, including operations from Iceland. Following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, PBMs were used on anti-submarine patrols, sinking their first German U-boat, U-158, on 30 June 1942.[5] PBMs were responsible, wholly or in part, for sinking a total of ten U-boats during World War II.[5] PBMs were also heavily used in the Pacific War, operating from bases at Saipan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and the South West Pacific.

VPB-99 was a Patrol Bombing Squadron of the U.S. Navy. The squadron was established as Patrol Bombing Squadron 99 (VPB-99) on 5 January 1945 and disestablished on 15 January 1946.

- 5 January 1945: VPB-99 was established at NAS Alameda, California, as a PBM training squadron under the operational control of FAW-8. The mission of the squadron was to complete the training of PBM replacement crews that had finished the basic course at NAAS Banana River, Florida, or NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. The sister squadron to this unit was VPB-98 at NAS San Diego, California.

- 1 May – 31 July 1945: Between 19 and 30 crews per month were ferried to NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, upon completion of the course syllabus. This ceased with the end of combat patrols after 10 August and the Surrender of Japan.

- September 1945: Personnel were reorganized in the squadron to permit rapid demobilization of those who could be spared.

- 15 January 1946: VPB-99 was disestablished at NAS Alameda.

Aircraft assignments
The squadron was assigned the following aircraft, effective on the dates shown:
PBM-3D - January 1945
PBM-5D - January 1945

Included in this grouping of George R. Fischer's wartime belongings are the following items:

- Dress Blue Service Uniform named with Chinese embroidered name tags in both the jumper and the trousers that reads George R. Fischer in yellow embroidering. The jumper also has wonderful embroidered dragon designs on the interior and inside the cuffs. Both the jacket and pants have an embroidered dragon on the interior and it reads SHANGHAI CHINA.

The Dress Blue Service Uniform was a woolen uniform worn by enlisted Men for dress wear. The pieces included a jumper, neckerchief, and trousers. The jumper had finished cuffs with white piping as well as a back flap that had the same white piping along its border. These features set it apart from the blue undress jumper. The blue trousers had the traditional 13-button broadfall front opening, a lace up back to adjust for size, and distinctive flared bottoms.

- Aviators Flight Log Book named to Fischer, G. R. First pages has a May 1945 letter from the commanding officer of VPB-99 Patrol Bomb Squadron designating Fischer as an officer Aircrewman. The logs record dates, type of aircraft, machine number, flight duration, Pilot, and locations of dozens missions flown between April 1945 to November 1945.

- U.S. Navy Certificate of Qualifying Service lamented card.

- Miniature laminated honorable discharge.

- Leather gold embossed name tag that read G. R. Fisher ARM USNR

- U.S. Navy Combat Aircrew Wings with three stars in Sterling Silver manufactured AMICO

- Gold was Winged Penis Good Luck Charm. Winged Penises were used by Romans to ward off Evil Eye which is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.

- Medal ribbon bar with combat star.

- Two silk blood chits, one with American flag, the other with Chinese Flag.

Overall a rare and very interesting set from a U.S. Naval aviator are member who fought during the Second World War against the Japanese.
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