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Original U.S. WWII Navy Abandon Ship Mk-4 Hand Projector Flare Launcher Signaling Kit With Original Very Flares and Watertight Container

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Original Item: Only One Available. During WWII The U.S. Navy Issued Flare Signaling Kits to be placed in every liferaft. As we know, a flare gun is an absolute necessity for a desperate individual at sea seeking rescue! The navy issued kits were in sealed metal cans. Once opened the contents contained a plastic watertight container with a removable screw cap lid, a hand projector flare gun, and a variety of signal flares.

The Hand Projector in this kit is the Mk 4 and is for use with Signal Light Mk 2 when no Signal Pistol is available, or when the signal lights are used with the "Abandon Ship" signal kit. It is entirely constructed of metal and consists of a 3” barrel, which is secured by a twist lock method.

The projector, when fully assembled, is 5 ½” long. Within the breech lock is the firing-pin seat, which rests on a spring washer and extends through the breech-lock cap to the “firing-pin-barrel” cap. A safety chain is attached to the barrel, and the safety-chain ring fits in a groove on the extension of the firing-pin seat to hold it tight against the spring washer, on which the firing pin seat rests. Within the firing pin seat extension is the firing-pin spring. At the extreme base is a safety lever which holds the hand operating knob away from the firing-pin-barrel cap when in the safe position.

To load the Hand Projector, twist the assembly until the barrel pulls out from the breech lock cap and insert the Signal Light Mk 2 before reassembling. Cartridges are obtainable but scarce and fortunately 8 White and 1 Red flares are included in the kit. These launchers will not fire standard shotgun shells of any type and you will only hurt yourself trying to do so, we cannot stress the importance of this.

Once loaded be sure the safety lever is in the safe position. Another method of firing is to hold the projector firmly in the left hand and strike sharply with the heel of the right hand, making certain that the barrel of the projector is trained to a safe area. As with most handheld pyrotechnics, you want to use them with your thumb towards the ground as if your hand is “upside down” with your elbow now pointed towards the sky. In the event you do obtain “safe” flares it is important to know the proper firing position. With your arm fully extended and locked out, you would then strike the end of the hand projector causing the firing pin to strike the primer setting off the flare. You use this method so when you strike the butt end of the projector your arm won't bend up pointing the “muzzle” towards you.

To remove the empty cartridge after the signal has been fired, twist out the barrel and, with the safety lever of safety, insert the breech mechanism into the muzzle, forcing out the empty shell.

This hand projector was used into the early 1960s by US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams for signaling purposes until the supply of proprietary cartridges finally ran out. USN Hand Projector MK-4 was used aboard American naval vessels for individuals to send distress signals. This flare launcher that was part of the USN M-592 Parachute Back Pad Kit that was primarily used in the Pacific, was not popular with aviators, and is near impossible to find today.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add a scarce piece of lifesaving equipment to your WWII Naval collections. Comes more than ready to display!

No ammunition other than that authorized should ever be fired from hand projectors. The general rules for safety in operation of small arms must also be applied when operating them.

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