Original U.S. WWII Named US 15th Air Force Medical Corps Flight Surgeon Uniform Set For Major G.W. Hubert With Full Bullion Insignia

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a fantastic uniform set attributed to Major G.W. Hubert, a flight surgeon with the 15th Air Force. The best part of this uniform set is that all insignia present is all bullion wire embroidery! This is one of the most attractive office uniforms we have seen from the U.S. side of the war. You most definitely do not want to miss out on this one.

The role of flight surgeons continued to mature and expand as the U.S. faced World War II. The 1941 movie Dive Bomber, although focused on Naval Aviation, highlighted the role of the flight surgeon just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and demonstrated how solving the problems of hypoxia at altitude would reduce the aircraft mishap rate.

During World War II, the head of the U.S. Army Air Forces, General of the Army (later General of the Air Force) Henry 'Hap' Arnold, directed all flight surgeons in the Army Air Forces to fly regularly with their patients in order to better understand the aviation environment.

Consequently, to this day, their successor U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeons are considered "aeronautically rated" aircrew members who receive flight pay and who are required to fly a certain number of hours monthly. The same policy applies to Army Flight Surgeons and to Naval Flight Surgeons, the latter who are considered "aeronautically designated" officers like their Naval Aviator and Naval Flight Officer counterparts.

Strict racial segregation in the U.S. Army required the development of separate black flight surgeons to support the operations and training of the Tuskegee Airmen in 1941 and continued in the U.S. Army Air Forces throughout World War II. Following the establishment of an independent U.S. Air Force and the racial integration of all the U.S. armed forces following World War II, this separation was discontinued.
The uniform set includes a wonderful US Army Officer’s Class A uniform coat which features gorgeous British made bullion insignia. The left shoulder has a lovely blue felt and bullion embroidered 15th Army Air Force insignia with gold bullion embroidered Major’s oak leaves on the shoulder straps. Other insignia featured are the standard US and Caduceus insignia on the collars, Flight Surgeon’s wings on the left breast with a multiple ribbons beneath. The lower left sleeve has 3 overseas bars denoting 18 months of service overseas. The inside left pocket has his name written on the tag with a date as Lt. G.W. Hubert 1941.

The overseas cap, service dress shirt and trousers are all in equally wonderful condition.

An incredible grouping that comes more than ready for further research and display.

Approximate Measurements:

Collar to shoulder: 10"
Shoulder to sleeve: 26”
Shoulder to shoulder: 16”
Chest width: 18"
Waist width: 16"
Hip width: 22”
Front length: 34"

Collar to shoulder: 9.5"
Shoulder to sleeve: 22”
Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5”
Chest width: 20"
Waist width: 20"
Hip width: 18”
Front length: 33"

Waist: 18"
Inseam: 29"

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