Original U.S. WWII Named KA-BAR Fighting Knife - Japan 1943-1945

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Offered in solid condition with use wear to leather handle washers and surface of leather sheath. Blade displays period sharpening and is nicely stamped KA-BAR OLEAN, N.Y.

The leather sheath reads as follows:


7th NCR







SASEBO= The Sasebo Naval Arsenal, located in the Sasebo Naval District near the southwestern tip of the Japanese home islands, was established as a ship repair yard in 1889. It became ready for ship production by 1897. In 1903, its name was officially changed from its original name of Sasebo Shipyards to Sasebo Naval Arsenal. In 1913, a 250-ton crane was installed, which enabled the construction of larger warships. During the inter-war years, the conversion of Akagi and Kaga into carriers was done at Sasebo. During WW2, the facilities at Sasebo launched warships of various types and performed refitting and repairing work. At its peak during WW2, it employed 50,000 workers. It was occupied by US Marines in late Sep 1945. In Jun 1946, US Fleet Activities Sasebo was established on a portion of the arsenal; the remainder areas were slowly converted to civilian use shortly after. At the time of this writing the Sasebo Heavy Industries Company, Limited operates the civilian facilities

7TH NCR= 7th Naval Construction Regiment (SEABEES)


TARWA= The Battle of Tarawa was a battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II that was fought from November 20 to November 23, 1943. It took place at the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands. Nearly 6,400 Japanese, Koreans, and Americans died in the fighting, mostly on and around the small island of Betio, in the extreme southwest of Tarawa Atoll.

The Battle of Tarawa was the first American offensive in the critical central Pacific region. It was also the first time in the war that the United States faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing. Previous landings had met little or no initial resistance, but this time the 4,500 Japanese defenders were well-supplied and well-prepared, and they fought almost to the last man, exacting a heavy toll on the United States Marine Corps. The U.S. had suffered similar casualties in other campaigns, for example over the six months of the Guadalcanal Campaign, but in this case the losses were incurred within the space of 76 hours.

The Gilbert Islands are part of Micronesia. They became a colony of the British Empire in January 1916. They were invaded and occupied by the Empire of Japan in December 1941. The battle was fought almost two years later. In July 1979 the islands became independent from the United Kingdom and now comprise part of the nation of Kiribati.

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