Original U.S. WWII Named Bring Back Grouping - Tile from The Berghof, Poker Chips & More in Shoulder Case

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. Pfc Corbett Odell Gann of Shackleford County, Texas served in the 180th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army's 45th Infantry Division. Based on the information in this grouping, he was trained to recognize Chemical Warfare agents, as well as methods of prevention and treatment. This regiment saw service in the Italian Campaign of WWII, and later in France and Germany. Pfc. Gann brought back some very nice souvenirs from Germany, and looks to have brought them back with him when the 180th Regt. returned home in late 1945.

This grouping was purchased directly from his relatives and consists of the following items:

- A large leather Shoulder Bag, somewhat like a map case, but definitely larger and without any inside dividers or other typical things seen in a map case. It measures 12 1/2"H x 9 3/4" W x 1/2, and is made of thick light brown leather. The rear of the case is maker marked dla and dated 42, with a Waffenamt marking and WaA195. Research reveals that three letter code "dla" stands for Karl Barth of Waldbröhl / Rheinland, a known maker of all types of leatherware during the WWII Period.

The case may be for Luftwaffe navigation devices, as there is a semi-circular compartment under the top flap, which has been nicely decorated with GANN under a Luftwaffe Eagle, and various German WWII Shoulderboard rank "pips".

The contents of the case consist of both captured German items, as well as U.S. documents and booklets related to the service of Corbett Gann.

The German Bring back items are quite interesting, and consist of:

- A broken ceramic tile, brought back from the the Berghof, Adolf AH's home and retreat in the Obersalzberg of the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. The tile is broken now, but definitely was in one full piece measuring 6" x 6" when the following was written on the back:

This Piece of 
Tile Was Removed
From Adolph AH's
Bathroom in his mountain
retreat At Berchtesgaden,
Austria.    1945 -

I Removed it -
Corbett Gann

The upper right corner is missing, but was not written on. The Obersalzberg was bombed by hundreds of British RAF Lancaster heavy bombers, including aircraft from No. 617 Squadron RAF (the "Dambusters"), which attacked Obersalzberg on 25 April 1945. At least two bombs struck the Berghof and did considerable damage to the building. Retreating SS troops set fire to the villa on 4 May, four days after AH's suicide in Berlin.  This tile was removed from the ruins.

- A small red cardboard box measuring about 6" x 3" x 1 1/2", which contains white, blue, and red poker chips, which look to be made of celluloid, though they could be bakelite. Both the top and bottom of the box have written statements from C. Gann:

These Poker Chipps "Acquired" in Germany, "1945" C. Gann

I Brought these Poker Chips home from Germany in August, 1945  C. Gann 45th Div. 180th Inf.

The box contains approximately 30 white chips, 20 blue chips, and 15 red chips.

- A small 1 1/2" x 2" booklet labeled Des Führers Kampf im Osten 1 (The Führer's fight in the East 1), which on the back indicates it was issued as part of the Winter-hilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (Winter relief organization of the German people) as a souvenir. It has numerous pictures and stories related to the NSDAP party and their rise to power, as well as information on the leaders.

The rest of the items are various papers, books, and insignia that Pfc. Corbett Gann acquired while in service.

- Original SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM induction notice for Corbett Odell Gann dated July 4th, 1942. The notice indicates he has been chosen for potential service in the Army, and indicates when and where he is to be picked up. He will then be examined, and if found fit, inducted into duty in the Army, which he was. It is contained in an original envelope written on by Gann.

- Original "Class A" pass issued to Pfc. Gann at Sheppard Air F. Base in 1942, contained inside a plastic case.

- Original U.S. Army badges, insignia, and collectibles, including: A U.S. Army Combat Infantry Badge, a USAAF WWII Technical Training Command "Sustineo Alas" badge, a U.S. Army Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant, a WWII European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal Ribbon Tab with two stars, a 45th Infantry Division Tie tack pin, and Army Good Conduct button hole pin, and a brass jacketed bullet.

- Original U.S. Issue A SPIRITUAL ALMANAC FOR WARTIME 1944 edition. It is basically a guide for Christian men and women in the service, containing prayers, information, a spiritual calendar, and other items. These were intended to maintain the spirituality and morale while in service, and gave them a guide to follow.

- Two original Song Books, one marked "Army", as issued by the U.S. War Office in 1941. One of these is smaller and just contains the lyrics, while the larger book has the same songs, but also has the full scores of the songs, complete with lyrics and full notation for piano as well as tablature for guitars.

- One original photograph of Edward J. Tackett dated 1943. He was a classmate of Gann in Jr. High and Hi School. It is marked "To a Pal".

- Two drawings, one likely of a friend in the service, signed "hogan", and the other a stylized Air Forces "Propeller" emblem.

- Several pamphlets and a chemical warfare agent guide, used during the chemical warfare training that Pfc. Gann underwent. There is also a test he took as part of the course on 11-25-1942, and he received a 100%.

- A transparent tape laminated newspaper cutout showing a picture taken by an SS trouper of Shoah victims being dumped out of a wooden train car. The caption labels them as "political prisoners".

A fantastic grouping of from a WWII soldier, with loads of history and research potential!

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