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Original U.S. WWII Named 362nd Anti-Aircraft Ordnance Maintenance Company Iwo Jima Grouping - Corporal Gurley Graves

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Original Items: Only One Grouping Available. This is a wonderful grouping attributed to a member of a lesser known Army unit present at Iwo Jima. The grouping came from the family of Cpl Graves from Knoxville, Tennessee.

In some countries, such as Britain and Germany during the Second World War, the Soviet Union, and modern NATO and the United States, ground-based air defence and air defence aircraft have been under integrated command and control. However, while overall air defence may be for homeland defence (including military facilities), forces in the field, wherever they are, provide their own defences against air threats, and in this case it was Iwo Jima where the US launched many operations against the Japanese mainland.

The items featured in this grouping:
- Dozens of Photos: This is a very photo heavy grouping. The pictures as well as the album feature many military as well as personal family photographs well into the 1950s. They show Cpl Graves and his unit in their various defensive positions and doing what idle soldiers do to pass time, play sports and relax the best that they could at the time. The photos are in wonderful condition and easily recognizable.

- x2 Cast Pewter Iwo Jima Mementos: These are a pair of lovely Iwo Jima related tabletop display pieces. One features an image of what appears to be a map of the island while the other appears the same but shows the famous image of the Marine flag raising.

- Dog Tags With REAL 4-Leaf Clover: A lovely pair of tags belonging to Graves with a “goodluck charm” which is a small plastic disc containing a four leaf clover.

- USMC Ronson Fliptop Lighter: This is a lovely zippo style lighter featuring a small USMC EGA emblem on the front. It appears to be functional but needs a flint.

- Dozens of Personal Letters: We have not read through the letters but they appear to be back and forth between Graves and his wife as well as other family members.

- x2 Sweetheart Pillow Cases For Camp Edwards and Ordnance Training Center Aberdeen: Pillow shams, or ‘sweetheart pillow covers’, were souvenirs from Army camps sent to parents, wives or sweethearts. This was an old tradition that continued during and after WW2. Both in lovely condition.

This is a lovely grouping that comes more than ready for further research and display. Perfect for the Occupying Forces collectors.

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