Original U.S. WWII Model G Air Raid Hand Siren

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available: This a very rare fully functional (and loud) U.S. WWII Model G Hand Crank Air Raid Siren. Introduced in 1938, the Model G was very similar to the Hand Held Siren made by Federal Electric, however the G is slightly larger, and can hand held or bolted to a stable location for better leverage. This example has been secured to a piece of two by four.

Constructed predominately of aluminum, with a single piece carry handle / mounting bracket, which is screwed into the main housing. The crank with wooden handle protrudes out the back. These were originally painted OD green, however the paint does not stick to the aluminum very well, so often the paint flakes off. This example has been been stripped of all paint. It has both the mesh side cover and perforated front cover over the rotor, which we rarely see.

These sirens were used for Air Raids and possible Gas Attacks both during combat situations and on the Home Front. A fantastic display item, ready to add to your collection, or just wake up the neighbors!

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