Original U.S. WWII Mk1A1 Dummy Training Grenade from 1941

Item Description

Original Item: The training hand grenade MK1A1 is a nonfunctioning type developed to help safely train soldiers in the early days of WW2. It was used for training in handling and throwing of the fragmentation hand grenade MK2. The Grenade MKlA1 was used for practice in throwing hand grenades in small confined areas because it is completely inert as well as for distance but the overall purpose was to improve techniques in throwing and accuracy.

These cast iron grenades were found still contained in their original wood cases (24 to a case) and each case is ink stamped Packed December 1941.

Overall condition is good, will show some minor surface rust, but each will have steel pull pin. Each is one-piece hollow cast iron with holes at the top and base. Grenades may vary slightly with mold numbers and finish, but all are 100% original WW2 issue!

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