Original U.S. WWII Marine USMC Women's Winter Wool Forest Green Service Visor Bell Crowned Cap

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Women also served in the US Marine Corps during WW2, as mechanics, clerical staff, and in other capacities to free men for combat. They were universally respected by their male counterparts, and were issued winter forest green wool visor caps specifically designed to compliment a woman's coiffure.

This USMC Marine US WW2 WOMEN'S WINTER WOOL SERVICE DRESS VISOR CAP is in excellent shape, with no damage to the tough forest green wool construction. boasts the classic knotted red hat cord with brown plastic side buttons, and has a rayon crown lining. Size the reads 23 1/2 and has a name tag to Dorothy M. Monroe. A fine example of a rare, original USMC Marine US WW2 WOMEN'S WINTER WOOL SERVICE DRESS VISOR CAP.

Similar to the men, but with lighter cloth, the Winter uniform of the MCWR consisted of forest green jacket, six gore skirt and long sleeve khaki skirt, worn with necktie. Sometimes mistaken for their WAC counterparts, women marines wore a visored bell crowned hat, but trimmed with a lipstick colored cord, which was a tad more stylish than those worn by the WACS, WAVES or SPARS. Over this they wore a heavy green overcoat and oxford shoes, over which they would don galoshes for wet weather.
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