Original U.S. WWII M8 Pyrotechnic 37mm Flare Signal Pistol by Eureka Vacuum with A-8 Pouch and Dummy Flares

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice condition 37mm big-bore signal pistol of WWII, complete an an A-8 Pouch containing a mixture of dummy and spent flare cartridges. The barrel has studs for attachment to a flare port in the fuselage of large aircraft such as bombers. The right side of the frame is marked inside a triangle:


The abbreviation at the top indicates manufacture by Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co., one of several contractors employed to make these pistols. This example is offered in very good fully functional condition, and is marked on the spine of the grip with SERIAL No E-177504. A good deal of the original finish is present, even the paint on the aluminum portions. As far as we can tell, no parts are missing, and the firing pin is present and functional. It is marked with a faint U.S. Ordnance "Crossed Cannons" proof and "P" on the bottom of the grip.

The included A-8 pouch is somewhat worn, but still has clear markings. Inside are replica dumy flares, made from cardboard tube and plastic ends. There are also the makings of additional dummy flares in the pouch, as well as at least one real spent cartridge.

The M-8 pistol was mainly used during and after WWII in aircraft. Although intended to be mounted in the M1 aircraft mount, this flare pistol can be used as a conventional flare pistol. The barrel hinges down to allow removing a spent cartridge or loading a cartridge from the breech end of the barrel. But a grooved type cartridge can be loaded from the muzzle end of the barrel.

Designed during WW2 to be manufactured by the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. and so uses metal stamping instead of machined parts. The frame is cast aluminum, with stamped steel parts attached.

The two levers on the top of the barrel give it a very unique look. The top hook shaped lever when pulled back allows the pistol to be installed or removed from the M1 mount in an aircraft.

A great WWII display flare set, ready to add to your collection!

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