Original U.S. WWII M8 Anti-Personnel Practice Training Mine - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The M2 is a United States bounding anti-personnel mine used during World War II. The US began development of the anti-personnel mines in the summer of 1940 spurred on by events in the Second World War. A French officer, Major Pierre Delalande, who had escaped the fall of France came to the US with the plans of the Modele 1939 bounding mine. The M2 series of mines were based on this design, and were first fielded in mid-1943

A number of variants of the mine were produced, however it was not considered a successful design, and was replaced with more successful German-based designs. This happened not long after WWII in 1957, with the introduction of the M16 mine. However the M2 was used by various other countries, and remained in service until relatively recently.

For use with training in the proper methods and precautions to be observed in the care, handling, laying, booby trapping, arming, and disarming of the M2 mine, the M8 practice mine was introduced. The metal parts of the mine are very similar to those of service mine M2A4, except the M8 mine uses a cardboard projectile containing a spotting charge. These practice mines may be used many times by replacing the fuzes and other components.

This example is completely inert per BATF specifications, and cannot be converted to an explosive devise. It still features the original top cap, attached to the body. It is mostly painted sky blue, the standard color for U.S. training and practice ordnance. The base is marked MINE - ANTI - PERSONNEL - M2, and the side of the tube indicates it is a MINE ANTI-PERSONNEL PRACTICE M8. It is still in very good condition, with just some light rusting and wear.

Perfect for any display or reenactment.

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