Original U.S. WWII M4 Bayonet by Imperial for M1 Carbine with M8A1 Scabbard by B.M. Co

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice genuine WWII U.S. Army M4 Carbine bayonet fighting knife, with an original M8A1 scabbard. Nicely marked U.S. M4 / IMPERIAL on underside of hand guard for the Imperial Knife Co., next to the U.S. Ordnance "Flaming Bomb". The blade is in good condition, though it looks to have seen long service. Repeated cleanings and polish have removed almost all of the original finish on the blade. It also does show evidence of some level of past rust damage, now removed.  Grip and pommel are all tight to the blade, with the cross guard being loose.

The bayonet still has the original WWII issue leather washer grip, with the correct original bakelite inserts at the top and bottom. These have not been changed out, and the leather in the grip shows wear as well as dirt accumulation. The pommel is held on by the correct "starburst" style peened over tang, which with the flaming bomb proves this is definitely a WWII example, and not a later reissue.

It comes in a nice WWII issue OD green thermoplastic impregnated cotton fabric scabbard marked U.S. M8A1 / B.M. CO., also in offered in very good condition. There is some wear to the scabbard, but it still has almost all of the original green paint. The canvas is in very good condition, and the snap still functions, though the finish is  worn. The OD Green #7 color and lack of a bottom reinforcement indicates late WWII manufacture. The scabbard was manufactured by Beckwith Mfg Co., a division of Victory Plastics.

Ready to display with your WWII issue M1 Carbine!

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