Original U.S. WWII M38 Tanker Helmet by Rawlings with Polaroid 1021 Goggles, M4 Sherman Prism Periscope & Comms - Size 7 ⅛

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Grouping of 5 Available. This is a very nice WW2 example of the classic M38 tanker helmet with goggles and other equipment as used by American tank crews in WWII. The helmet is marked as follows:

7 1/8

Overall condition of the helmet is very good, with the exterior and interior in great shape. The leather has minimal staining or discoloration. The left and right side springs for holding down the flaps are still present, as is the rear elastic band that attaches the side flaps to the rear. This strap is shown in the stowed configuration in the pictures. All snaps look to be intact and functional.

The clear lens goggles are in a worn, yet beautiful condition. The top of the rubber frame is marked POLAROID. The Polaroid 1021 goggle was developed mainly for use by the Army Air Corps, but it found widespread use in all Army branches. In addition to improved comfort over the earlier M-1938 goggles, the Polaroid 1021 featured a single one-piece lens for better visibility, and four different removable lenses were available for better visibility under a variety of conditions. A non-polarizing clear lens was available for protection against dirt and grime under normal conditions where no glare was present. A light green lens was available for glare protection on normal days, and a dark green polarizing lens was available for glare protection on "exceedingly brilliant" days. Finally, a red non-polarizing "dark adaptor" lens was available for adapting the eyes to night vision.

Only One Lens Comes With The Goggles - This Is Not The Set

The other items featured in this grouping:
US Army M6 Tank Periscope: These periscopes were used in Sherman tanks as well as M3/M5 Stuart tanks. The optics are clear and it still has most of the original paint. This is not the full periscope, just the top section.

US Army Signal Corps BC-606 Control Box With Throat Mic and T-17 Microphone: BC-606-D Interphone Control Box and appears to be a 1942 contract. According to the MFP stamp on the front, it went through mold, fungus protection sometime in the mid 1940s. These were mounted by each crew station in most U.S. armored vehicles. The throat mic appears to have never been issued and is in great condition. The T-17 Microphone is an antinoise, carbon-button hand microphone. The mic is unidirectional and is controlled by the push-to-talk button on the side. This was a microphone used in standard Signal Corps and telephone equipment.

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