Original U.S. WWII M2A4 Bounding Anti-Personnel Mine With M6A1 Pressure/Pull Fuse - INERT Earth Cutaway EOD Visual Training Aid

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This M2A4 Bounding AP Mine with M6A1 Fuse is completely inert in compliance to the BATF guidelines on inert firearms and explosives and is NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT. This is a visual training aid and cannot be rendered “live” again.

When it comes to designing a training program for military personnel, instructors are faced with several challenges. First, unlike athletes there is no off-season, most units are either preparing for deployment, deployed, or refitting from deployment. Secondly, training facilities vary from location to location and often focus on a single task. These tasks may include muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, field craft or marksmanship. Each of the above contribute to the success of an operation, however there is one area of training that is deficient. This deficiency is visual training; visual ability plays a larger role in achieving optimum performance than most military personnel realize. The goal of integrating visual training into an already packed curriculum is not to dilute it but to improve tactical performance.

This mine was utilized as a visual training aid and was an "earth cut away” to reveal how the mine would be situated in the ground. This was to give servicemen a better understanding on how their equipment worked. Once you were able to properly understand just how exactly a piece of equipment worked, you were able to know how to better employ it.

The M2 is a United States bounding anti-personnel mine used during World War II. A number of variants of the mine were produced and are no longer in US service. A bounding mine is designed to be used in open areas. When the mine is triggered a black powder charge launches the mortar shell out of the main body of the mine and into the air. A pyrotechnic delay fuse triggers the mine when it has risen to between two and three meters in height. The lethal radius of the mine is reported to be approximately ten meters.

The mine consists of a cylindrical steel main body containing a 60 millimeter mortar shell body (originally the M49A2), linked to a tall thin fuze stand.

Attached to the side of the mine is the M6A1 Pressure and Pull fuse, which is also cut away. The section removed from the fuse allows you to see the coupling base, igniter charge and igniter locations.

“Fuze M6A1” is of the combination type, with a three-pronged pressure firing device at the top and a pull wire release-pin ring at the side. The fuse body houses a spring loaded firing pin and a cocking mechanism. The igniter assembly contains a percussion cap primer and a black powder igniter. The firing mechanism consists of a cylindrical metal case containing a trigger pin, a release pin and a firing pin, each fitted with a coil spring. Two safety pins render the fuze safe during shipment and handling. A cotter pin passes through the end of the release pin and bears against the body of the fuze. A second pin, called the safety firing pin, passes through the end of the firing pin that protrudes above the top of the fuze.

This is a wonderful example of a genuine US Military WWII training aide which was utilized to better equip our fighting men and Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams with much needed knowledge! Comes ready to display in your ordnance collections!

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