Original U.S. WWII M2 60mm Display Mortar with M4 Sight, Bipod & Accessories - Dated 1943 & 1945

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. Deactivated to BATF specifications is totally inert and incapable of firing a round. This is a genuine United States manufactured WWII 1943 dated M2 mortar tube with 1945 dated bipod and base plate offered in excellent condition. The mortar come with the following great accessories:

- Original M49A2 60mm Deactivated Mortar Round with bakelite fuze housing, dated 1942 on the side where it is marked.

- Original M4 Sight in leather case.

- Original muzzle cover and carry sling.

Our non-firing display Mortar is offered in excellent condition. Unlike previous offerings, this has an original tube, demilitarized to BATF specifications, with a bore-width hole in the side and welded-in cross pin. It also features an original WWII dated adjustable M5 bipod mount and original base plate. The T&E mechanism works perfectly, the leg angle adjustment works correctly, the data plate is legible, and the original leather transport closure strap is present, though broken. It has many been years since we had one in such great condition, and don't expect to see one again anytime soon.

A data plate on the bipod reads-

60MM. M5, NO. 27856

The "45" in the date is stamped on, so it is somewhat faint. This way the same data plate could be used regardless of the year. Included with the set is an original WWII issue M4 Collimator Sight as depicted in FM 23-90. This sight was also used on the US 81mm mortar. By laying the sight on aiming stakes, the mortar squad could fire indirect missions. The open sight allowed the squad to fire direct lay missions. The sight is in very good  condition with an intact bubble level, and also comes with the original leather carry case.

This is truly a remarkable set, and would make a great centerpiece to any WWII collection. Ready to display!

The U.S. M2 60 mm mortar was developed from the heavier 81 mm M1 Mortar to provide a lighter-weight alternative to company-level fire support. The M2 attempted to bridge the gap between the 81 mm mortar and the hand grenade. Normally employed by the weapons platoon of a U.S. infantry company, the M2 is of the usual mortar pattern of the day. It consists of a smoothbore metal tube on a rectangular baseplate, supported by a simple bipod with the elevation and traverse mechanisms. The firing pin was fixed in the base cap of the tube, and the bomb was fired automatically when it dropped down the barrel. Though classed as a light mortar, the M2 had considerable range compared to the 50 mm and 60 mm mortars of most other nations, and its fixed-firing pin design allowed a high rate of fire by trained crews. The M2 Mortar was used throughout World War II by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

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