Original U.S. WWII M1B1 Anti-Tank Practice Training Mine - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During WWII the United States developed and used several versions of Anti-Tank mine, starting with the M1, followed by the M1A1 and finally the M4. They all had the same basic design of a "spider" on the top of the mine being used to actuate a fuse in the center of the mine when it was subjected to enough pressure. The M1 Had two locations where it was filled with explosives, and utilized a Spider made of multiple pieces of bent steel welded together. The later M1A1 only had one explosives filling hole, as well as a simpler design stamped steel spider that required less machine time. The more advanced M4 mine also featured two secondary fuse locations that could be used to make the mines much harder to remove or defuse.

This particular mine is a recovered anti-tank training mine based on the M1A1 mine, known as the M1B1 Practice Training Mine. It was repainted OD green at some point, and stenciled with INERT on the top. The paint on the "spider" and the back is somewhat missing, and there is some rusting, so this definitely saw some time out in the field in rough weather.

The first version of the M1A1 trainer was like the M1 Practice Trainer, and had holes on the side of the mine, as well as the absence of any explosive fill hole. It was found however that the side holes did not disperse the smoke in training well, and also the trainer was significantly lighter than a live mine.

The M1B1 rectified these issues by having the smoke release vents on the top of the mine, right next to the smoke canister/fuze. There also was a fill hole on the bottom of the mine, which would be filled with stand to increase the weight.

This example still retains the original carry handle, spider, and smoke canister/fuze. It even has the original safety clip still installed on the smoke canister. It did have some rust damage as show, but is still in good condition.

Perfect for any display or reenactment.

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