Original U.S. WWII M1942 Paratrooper Jump Jacket without Reinforcements in Size 36 R

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Original M1942 Airborne Jump jacket in Olive Drab #3 offered is in very good used condition. The coat consists of four front patch pockets with two button snaps on each top flap, with 2 rows on the pockets, to secure different sized items. The jacket also has a unique dual-zippered knife pocket located on the upper lapel which was designed to contain a switchblade pocketknife, used to cut the parachute rigging if entangled. The top two pockets were also angled inward to make items easier to retrieve with the opposite hand. This example does not have any flag or unit patches, however it does not appear that they were removed, so they simply may have never been sewn on.

The jacket is in very good condition, with the expected stains and small pulls from service. It is missing one of the pocket snaps on the left lower front pocket, and a long tear was repaired on the rear left side. There are a few other small repairs. The color is a bit faded, however it does not seem to have shown extensive field use. The jacket is not named but does have a laundry number B2453 stamped in on the back of the neck, which was the last four digits of the soldier's Army Serial Number along with the first letter of his last name. It is also marked with size 36 R directly in the back. The original belt is still present, and functions well.

Due to the somewhat fragile nature of the uniform, the M1942 pattern was often reinforced with thicker, tougher canvas on the elbows, crotch and knees. However, this example was never reinforced, indicating early issue. The M42 was worn by Paratroops assigned to Airborne units. The M42 was eventually phased out in favor of the M1943 Uniform which was a darker green, OD #7. Despite this, various individuals chose to keep their M42s in order to show their veteran status.

This is a wonderful example of a very hard to find early configuration jump jacket, in great shape.

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