Original U.S. WWII M1916 .45 Colt 1911 Leather Holster Lot - 3 Holsters 1 With Belt

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 3 Available. A leather hip holster, the Model 1912, was standardized soon after the M1911’s adoption. This holster had a swivel attachment to make it better adapted to cavalry use. Just before America’s entry into World War I, the Model 1916 holster was adopted, which differed from the M1912 primarily in the deletion of the swivel feature. Both were fitted with wire hooks that attached to the grommets on the bottom of the standard webbed pistol belt or cartridge belt. There were sufficient numbers of World War I M1916 holsters to meet the demand until the U.S. became actively involved in World War II. The M1916 holster was put back into production and almost 3 million were made by 18 different commercial firms between 1941 and 1945. These holsters were embossed with a large “U.S.” on the cover flap, with the name of the maker and year of production on back.

The Holsters Featured In This Lot:
- (2) Graton & Knight Holsters Dated 1943: Both holsters are dated and made by the same firm in 1943. Graton & Knight Co. established in 1851, as tanners and manufacturers of leather belting and other leather goods. Tanned over 300,000 hides annually, employed 1400 with branches throughout the United States and other countries. The company was no longer in business in Worcester after 1962, likely as a result of competition from plastics and synthetics. Both holsters are in lovely, serviceable condition.

- Enger-Kress Holster With Belt (Undated): The holster is in lovely serviceable condition with an equally serviceable leather belt to complete the ensemble. Enger-Kress was founded by two men, George Enger and August Kress. Both men were born in Germany. Enger had learned the leather trade and Kress, the mercantile business in their homeland before coming to America. During WWII, Enger-Kress manufactured 800,000 pistol holsters, 500,000 machine gun cases, 1.7 million helmet liners, and 1.3 million helmet chin straps. The company finally closed in 2006 having succumbed to foreign products flooding the marketplace.

All holsters come ready to be paired and displayed with your 1911s!

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