Original U.S. WWII M1903 Bayonet Custom Fighting Knife with Leather Sheath

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is a wonderful U.S. WWII "Theater Made" fighting knife, 12 inches in length, with a 7 inch spear point blade. These knives were made by the armorers and engineers, usually in the Pacific theater. The large capital ships needed to have skilled fabricators on board to make repairs and modifications to weapons and gear. Usually the blades were made from existing weapons or from steel components, and the hilts were cast from metals such as aluminum or zinc.

The handle of this knife looks to be made of stacked leather washers, with aluminum and bakelite washers interspersed. The knife is in great shape, though the blade has definitely been used. Long term storage in a leather scabbard is a common cause of rust damage, but this blade does not show any damage whatsoever. The actual blade of the knife is from the top section of a M1903 bayonet! The false edge was sharpened in order to create a double edged blade, more practical for close quarters combat. Both the guard and pommel appear to be brass and are somewhat loose with a little play.

The knife comes with a very impressive leather scabbard with what we assume is original to the knife. It looks to not have been adapted from something else like these theater made knives are usually paired with. The leather appears to have been hand cut from a larger excess of materia. The retaining strap is in worn and cracked condition but still serves its purpose with a functioning button.

Definitely an interesting piece of WWII Militaria. Ready to research and display!

Blade length: 7
Blade style: Double Edged Spear Point
Overall length: 12”
Crossguard: 2 ¼”
Scabbard length: 12 ½” with belt loop

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