Original U.S. WWII M1 Jungle First Medical Aid Kit - Complete

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is a super rare unissued COMPLETE and genuine WWII U. S. M1 Jungle First Aid Kit. Late 1942 saw America makes its first offensives against the Japanese in the jungles of the Pacific. Although tropical islands like the Philippines, Hawaii and Guam were American possessions, America still had very little modern experience in jungle warfare or with the necessities that came out of campaigning in a tropical environment. After the initial battle of Guadalcanal in 1942, the military discovered the need for a medical kit appropriate for the jungle, an enemy as dangerous as the Japanese.

The US Army Medical Department’s answer to this problem was designated the Individual Medical Jungle Kit M-1. The M-1 Jungle Kit was a roll up canvas bag secured by lace ties with fifteen numbered pockets. Designed to be carried in the soldier’s bag the M-1 kit was issued with the following contents:

- Repellent, Insect, 1 oz 2 bottles
- Athlete’s Foot solution (Frazer’s Solution), 1 oz 1 bottle
- Tablet, Water Purification, Individual (Halazone), 1 bottle
- Quinine Sulfate 2 vials
- Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin) 2 Vials
- Foot Powder, 2 oz 1 can
- Iodine, 2 cc 2 vials
- Plaster, Adhesive, Adhesive, 1-Inch by 5 Yards 1 box
- Sulfadiazine, 8 Tablets (wound Tablets) 1 packet
- Dressing, First-Aid, Small, White 1
- Sodium Chloride and Dextrose Tablets (Salt Tablets) 1 box

Combat medics are among the most desirable of all WWII U.S. army groupings due to their selfless heroic service and scarcity due to the high number of casualties. The fact that this kit is in unissued complete condition is truly amazing!

Idiot Clause - the contents of this kit are pre-1945 manufacture and are NOT suitable for use. They are being sold as novelty collector pieces only.

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