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Original U.S. WWII M-1941 USMC 2nd Pattern Haversack - Upper Bag has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Original U.S. WWII M-1941 USMC 2nd Pattern Haversack - Upper Bag

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Item Description

Original Item: The USMC M-1941 Haversack (upper bag) and Knapsack (lower bag) were a two-piece pack system issued to the United States Marine Corps in World War II through the early years of the Vietnam War.

The Haversack (upper bag) has two straps to hold down the main flap, and separate blanket roll straps were used for a horseshoe rollup around the pack. A flap with eyelets was provided on the top center for an entrenching Tool and a hold-down strap on the pack front held the handle of the tool. The pack suspenders (Suspenders, Web Belt M-1941) had two straps that crossed over in back, but were not connected. They used snap hooks to attach to the belt. Shoulder straps could be used instead of the suspenders. A second eyelet flap on the right side was intended for a bayonet or any equipment with the M-1910 hooks.

All components of the M-1941 pack system were in USMC pre-war "mustard tan" or khaki for World War II, although OD #7 was used after 1943. All offered here are constructed of OD #7 canvas and are post-1943 manufactured, some might be post war (Korea and early Vietnam), but we believe most are WW2 issue. Difficult for us to tell as most ink markings are faded from use, age and washing.

This is the modified "second pattern" haversack that was introduced in 1943 with a simplified closure system. These have "roll flaps", an extension of the pack bag body that is folded over for a secure, somewhat waterproof closure. The folded extension is the top flap of the pack that attaches to the outside straps.

Measures approximately 11" long x 4" wide x 11" tall.

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