Original U.S. WWII M-1923 Cartridge Belt Rig With Canteens, Medkits and Replica Mk II Pineapple Grenade

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. The United States Army in World War II had a distinct advantage over the Axis when it came to equipment. Both in terms of quality and quantity the power of American industry kept the GI’s well supplied.

For a Soldier, equipment is a matter of survival. Even something as simple as a button
can make the difference between victory and defeat if it fails to function properly at the
wrong time. For this reason Soldiers have a strong tendency to become attached to
equipment they like, and to modify or discard equipment they find unreliable or useless.
Among the Infantry, who have to carry their equipment wherever they go, this tendency
is even stronger.

Soldiers must carry everything they need for combat operations with them at all times. Individual load carrying equipment is designed to allow the Soldier to carry a basic load
of ammunition, food, water, and first-aid gear. The exact make-up of this load varies
from conflict to conflict.

In more modern times the load has grown to include additional equipment such as gas masks, maps, compasses, and radios. Because of the cost of replacing equipment for Soldiers is high, equipment is usually replaced in phases, with front-line troops receiving the new equipment first. Support units typically receive equipment later as older equipment wears out or becomes obsolete. Because of this, Soldiers in World War II went to war using several different versions of the basic load bearing gear.

This is a lovely setup of an iconic rig carried by the American soldier during WWII. All items feature late war dates with clear markings. The medkits contain medical supplies including an unopened Carlisle bandage.

Due to the replica Mk II Pineapple grenade, this gear lot is not available for export.

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