Original U.S. WWII Leather Holster for M1917 .45 Revolver by Milwaukee Saddlery Co - Dated 1944

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is straight out of the attic! Absolutely original that has not seen the light of day since the end of the war. Before that it looks like it was barely used! This is a WWII US Army/USMC M1909 Leather Belt Holster for the Colt or S&W M1917 .45LC Revolver.

The holster is in very good condition, with the leather still soft, and light wear around the edges. The bottom ring for the leg tie down is present, as is the leather tie string. The small leather tie inside the belt loop to secure it from moving when mounted is present and still soft. It has a clear US oval logo on the front.

The leather is still soft, solid with great intact stitching. There is only minor staining, other than that, this is still a very serviceable, attractive holster.

The reverse is marked with:


Milwaukee Saddlery Company or MILSCO was a US military contractor for leather goods during WWII and after. They made M 1916 .45 auto holsters, 1917 revolver holsters, machete scabbards and many more.

A very good condition authentic example of a nearly 80 year old holster for your WWII collection. This would go great with an original WWI era M1917 pistol.

M1917 Revolver
The M1917 Revolvers were six-shot, .45 ACP, large frame revolvers adopted by the United States Military in 1917, to supplement the standard M1911 pistol during World War I. There were two variations of the M1917, one made by Colt and the other by Smith & Wesson. They used moon-clips to hold the cartridges in position, facilitate reloading, and to aid in extraction since revolvers had been designed to eject rimmed cartridges and .45 ACP rounds were rimless for use with the magazine-fed M1911. After World War I, they gained a strong following among civilian shooters. A commercial rimmed cartridge, the .45 Auto Rim, was also developed, so M1917 revolvers could eject cartridge cases without using moon-clips.

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