Original U.S. WWII / Korean War .38 Victory Model Revolver Rig: Holster, M1936 Pistol Belt, 1st Aid Dressing with Pouch, Lensatic Compass and Pouch

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Recently acquired at a military show, these are genuine U.S. WWII Issue items, that came together just the way they are presented here!. Here we have a lovely Holster, Belt and Ammo Pouch rig for the .38 Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899 with a 4 inch barrel, better known as the "Victory Model." These were issued during WWII and into the Vietnam Era. Often favored by airmen of the U.S. Navy during WWII, they saw service with all branches from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. This “Rig” represents a typical setup.

The set consists of the following:

- Original 1951 Dated GI issue Leather holster for the 4" barrel S&W .38cal "Victory" revolver: Made by the rarely encountered maker, CRAIGHEAD of Denver, Colorado. It is Marked “U.S”, followed by the Craighead Logo, then M.R.T. (Mildew Resistant Treated), and the date of fabrication, JUNE, 1951.
- Original WWII issue Olive Drab M1936 pistol belt: The belt shows moderate wear from service, with oxidation on the fittings. The markings are worn away, as usual with worn canvas gear.
- Original WWII issue M-1924/42 First Aid Dressing Pouch with Bandage: Bandage is the circa 1943 Waxed Cardboard Box Type. The Dressing is stll sealed.
- Original WWII 2nd Pattern Compass Pouch and Lensatic Compass: Made of Weatherproofed Canvas. This particular pouch dates to approximately 1944. The compass appears to possibly be an aftermarket or private purchase type similar to the US issued items which were sourced in Occupied Japan to expedite equipping troops during the Korean War. The compass is marked “EDGE”/”JAPAN” on the face.

This is a beautiful and iconic belt rig set up for an airman during the Korean War period. Comes more than ready to be displayed!

The United States Army in World War II had a distinct advantage over the Axis when it came to equipment. Both in terms of quality and quantity the power of American industry kept the GI’s well supplied.

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