Original U.S. WWII Japanese Type-93 Anti-Tank Training Mine - INERT Training Aid

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is a very nice U.S. Issue Japanese Type 93 training mine, as used during WWII. This mine is completely inert as specified by the BATF, and cannot be converted to an explosive device.

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These were usually issued as part of the Mine Training Aid Set No. 2, Japanese, which consisted of a wood transit chest with metal hinges and latches holding several WWII U.S. made inert Japanese explosive devices for use as training aids. This kit was designed for issue to Engineering units, in order to prepare men for the task of dealing with Japanese ordnance in the Pacific Theater of Operations. These were fielded relatively late in the war, so they did not see much service, which is why they are usually found in such great condition.

The mine itself measures about 7 inches across, and is about 1 inch tall. The condition is very good, with just a few chips and scuffs from years of storage.

Perfect for any pacific war collection, or maybe to complete a mine training set.

Type 93 Mine
The Type 93 mine was a circular Japanese landmine used during the Second World War. It entered service in 1933. It used a simple fuze with a variable activation pressure, achieved through the use of different thickness shear wires. The main charge could be supplemented with additional explosives buried under the mine.

-Diameter: 6.75 inches
-Height: 1.75 inches approx
-Weight: 3 lbs
-Explosive content: 2 lbs
-Operating pressure: 7 to 250 lbs (3 to 110 kg)

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