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Original U.S. WWII Japanese Infantry Weapons ID Poster - Newsmap Vol. III - Dec. 18, 1944

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Original Item: Only One Available. All Newsmap (posters) were dated on Mondays. The front of each poster depicts the progress of fighting on the war fronts. The reverse side is typically a poster on a war-related topic. This Newsmap poster is dated for Monday December 18, 1944. The war related topic during that week was “Jap Infantry Weapons” and the reverse side of this poster shows that. The poster shows examples of various Japanese infantry weapons used during WWII. The groups of weapons that are displayed are labeled as: AA-AT INFANTRY GUNS, MACHINE GUNS, RIFLES, PISTOLS and MORTARS. There is also an illustration of a Model 41 Mountain Infantry Gun being operated by a gun crew.

The front side shows what was at the time, a current progress report about the war. This one is titled as:

274th Week of the War - 156th Week of U.S. Participation

There are 5 different maps all labeled for the current operations or news at the time. They are: SOVIET DRIVE, Cologne Plain, WINTER OFFENSIVE, JAPANESE THREAT and the last one shows a map of Leyte and the Philippines.

There is a column of information talking about the various fronts and the header for the column is labeled THE WAR FRONTS and there is a paragraph for the different fronts, all of which are labeled.

The Paragraphs Are Titled:
-Allied Pressure Increases
-Cologne Approaches Attacked
-Saar Valley Threatened
-Red Army Strikes
-Ravenna Falls
-Pacific Theatre Active
-Kweiyang Evacuated
-Japs Retreat in Burma

The condition is very good but does have creases present due to many years of being stored folded. This is a great candidate to have framed and displayed. The colors are still very beautiful and easily visible.

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