Original U.S. WWII Inert MkII Yellow Early War High Explosive Pineapple Grenade with M10A3 Fuze

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with hollow body and inert fuse. This grenade cannot be converted to an explosive devise and is not available for export.

This is an iconic U.S. fragmentation pineapple grenade issued during WWII. The Mk II was standardized in 1920 replacing the Mk I of 1917. It was phased out gradually, the U.S. Navy being the last users, on 2 April 1945 the Mk II and Mk IIA1 were re-designated the Mk 2 and Mk 2A1.

The Mk II was commonly known as a pineapple grenade, because of its shape and structure. Grooves were cast into the cast iron shell, which was believed at the time to aid in fragmentation and had the side benefit of aiding in gripping the grenade—this provision gave it the appearance of a pineapple fruit.

Pre-WWII high explosive-filled Mk 2s were painted bright yellow. During wartime (from about 1943 and after), grenades were over-painted in olive drab, leaving a narrow yellow ring remaining at the top. Not all were over-painted, however, as D-Day film footage shows.

Igniter- M10A3. In 1943 this designation was adopted to differentiate this model with the M10A3 fuze from the grenades with earlier fuzes. Declared limited standard on 6 April 1944 with the adoption of the Grenade, Hand, Fragmentation, TNT, Mk. II.

The Mk.IIA1 could be found with either the earlier body with a filling hole or the newer body without filling hole. It was up to the manufacturer which body style was used. The grenade is fitted only with the M10A3 fuze mechanism. The filling is 0.74 ounces of EC Blank fire powder.

The grenade is painted olive green with a yellow band around the top of the body or in full yellow for earlier war grenades. The fuze mechanisms are not painted but the levers may be colored green. Markings on the top of the lever give the designation of the fuze mechanism. The grenades were shipped fuzed in boxes containing 25 grenades. Each grenade is separately contained within an M41 container.

This rare early war grenade bears all original yellow paint over red primer, original M10A3 fuse and pin. It is offered in very good condition. It even still has the bottom fill plug, painted in place. Genuine early war examples in yellow are extremely hard to find on the market today.

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