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Original U.S WWII Inert M38A2 100 lb. Practice Aerial Bomb Used for Storage Post War

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This bomb is totally inert and deactivated following guidelines provided by the ATF. This example is offered in excellent condition with original markings and paint. It cannot be converted to an explosive devise and is not available for export.

This is a very nice WWII Issue M38A2 Inert Practice bomb, intended to be a dummy replacement for the AN-M30 100 lb. bomb and other similar aerial bombs used during WWII. They were used for training, and were much safer for use during loading exercises. At about 14 lbs. in weight, they were also far lighter than the real thing. They were very popular items to take home, as unguided aerial bombs rapidly became a thing of the past after WWII.

This example had the nose cone sawed off after service, and a hinge installed on one side. It was then painted gray, and at one time said "AMMUNITION" in large letters on both sides. We assume it was measured for some type of storage device, or maybe hung up as a sign.

Overall it measures about 47 inches long and just over 8 inches wide, measured at the side of the square fin assembly. Condition is very good, with minimal denting or deformation. It still retains both hanger rings, and the top could easily be un-wired so it can serve as a storage container once again.

A really interesting example of an inert WWII Practice bomb, repurposed to serve as a storage container. Ready to display!

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