Original U.S. WWII Inert AN Mk-43 Low-Altitude Horizontal and Dive Bombing Practice Bomb Lot - 2 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 2 Available. The AN MK-43 practice bomb was one of three similar miniature practice bombs used for low-altitude horizontal or dive bombing practice during WWII. The other two were the AN MK-5 and the AN MK-23. The MK-43 has an overall length of 8.25" and is made of lead-antimony. The diameter at its largest point is 2.18". The fins are 2.5" in length. The weight, when empty, but with firing pin weighed approximately 4 lbs-5 oz., while when armed was approximately 4 lbs-7 oz.

Both of these bombs are completely inert and is in total compliance per the current BATF guidelines on inert ordnance. These are practice bombs and cannot be rendered live and be used as an explosive device. Not available for export.

The main differences among the three miniature bombs were that the MK-43 was made of lead-antimony, the MK-5 was made of zinc alloy, and the MK-23 was made of cast iron. This gave each bomb a different weight for a different purpose. All three bombs used a 10-gauge shotgun shell as the signal (AN MK-4) as explained below. The MK-43 could be used against armored-deck target boats with 1/2" deck armor. The supply of the MK-43 was limited due to its critical metal of lead that was needed for the war effort. The maximum release altitude when dive bombing target boats could not exceed 2,500 feet while the maximum speed upon dive bombing could not exceed 290 knots. Five bombs could be carried in the MK-47 Bomb Rack.

Both are in excellent condition and come more than ready for display!

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