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Original U.S. WWII Inert 105mm M84B1 Leaflet Propaganda Artillery Round With Original Transport Canister - Dated 1943

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a fantastic, rather rare example of a genuine WWII American “Leaflet Bomb” used for propaganda. The round itself is inert and unable to be rendered live again to be used as a destructive device. It is in total compliance per the current BATF regulations governing inert ordnance and is not available for export.

Leaflet propaganda dropped by balloons and planes was used heavily in both world wars by all sides. In World War II, special bombs were developed to disperse airborne leaflets. Used as a form of psychological warfare, these leaflets were dropped in enemy-controlled territory to incite fear, coerce surrender, or turn the populace against their leadership. This tactic proved to be largely ineffective, except when morale among troops was extremely low. Leaflet bombs are still used today in military warfare, as well as by radical political and ideological groups.

The projectile of this cartridge is filled with printed instructional or propaganda material in the form of leaflets for distribution to enemy troops and for civilians.

The projectile body consists of a hollow steel body with boat tail base, a streamlined ogive, gilding metal rotating band, and steel base lug threaded into the base of the projectile. The body itself has been repainted but does not deter from the beauty of it. The stamped markings are till clear and read as: LOT L-3-19 105MM M81-B1 1943 ST. A plastic encased black powder expelling charge is assembled to the projectile at the nose end. Next, a steel baffle plate is assembled behind the expelling charge followed by a 3/4 inch diameter wooden dowel, spacers, and the base plug. The leaflets are furnished later, to meet the mission requirements, and assembled in the projectile around the wooden dowel just prior to firing. There are unfortunately no internal components present, just the threaded base cap.

The cartridge case contains a percussion primer assembly and seven individually bagged and numbered propelling charge increments (not present). The base of the cartridge case is drilled and the primer assembly is pressed into the base. The percussion primer assembly consists of a percussion ignition element and a perforated flash tube containing black powder. The seven numbered increment bags are tied together, in numerical order, with acrylic cord. These are assembled into the cartridge case around the primer flash tube with Increment 1 at the base of the cartridge and Increment 7 toward the mouth of the cartridge case. There are no internal pieces present in the shell casing, just the perforated flash tube. The bottom is marked as being a 105MM M14 TYPE 1 and is dated 1942.

The included transport canister is an original example and is marked as being for the CARTRIDGE 105MM LEAFLET BE M84B1. It is in wonderful condition and still retains the internal separator for the shell and the casing. Measures about 32 inches in overall length.

A wonderful, rare piece of history that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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