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Original U.S. WWII Homefront Serving in War Industry Banner - 12" x 9"

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Original Items: Very Few Available. These are unissued U.S. World War Two American home front Serving in War Industry Banners that measure 12" Tall x 9" wide. Each flag has symbol of a cog with cannons, electrical, aircraft, ship, hammer, and tank images within. These were commonly used at factories and in the front windows of people's home's. Each flag comes with original wood dowel and original hanging line. Flags appear to be unused but do shows signs of age and storage with minor imperfections and mild creasing. These harken back to a time when the entire country was moving in the same direction to defeat the Axis and return order to the world.

The 'home front' covers the activities of the civilians in a nation at war. World War II was a total war; homeland production became even more invaluable to both the Allied and Axis powers. Life on the home front during World War II was a significant part of the war effort for all participants and had a major impact on the outcome of the war. Governments became involved with new issues such as rationing, manpower allocation, home defense, evacuation in the face of air raids, and response to occupation by an enemy power. The morale and psychology of the people responded to leadership and propaganda. Typically women were mobilized to an unprecedented degree.

All of the powers used lessons from their experiences on the home front during World War I. Their success in mobilizing economic output was a major factor in supporting combat operations. Among morale-boosting activities that also benefited combat efforts, the home front engaged in a variety of scrap drives for materials crucial to the war effort such as metal, rubber, and rags. Such drives helped strengthen civilian morale and support for the war effort. Each country tried to suppress rumors, which typically were negative or defeatist.


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