Original U.S. WWII "HANG HIM IN F-E-G!" Anti-German Propaganda Set

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. During WWII there were many companies capitalizing on the Anti-German propaganda that was popular at the time. In particular, caricatures of German NSDAP Leader AH were quite popular, and some of them could definitely border on the macabre, such as these small cardboard "F-E-G"s of AH with a rope around his neck.

There are two of these included in the set, along with two high quality print outs of the envelopes that they would come in. You could mail them to your friends, and the effigies could be hung in various locations, or used as bookmarks. These are in good condition, and still look to have the original hanging strings attached.

A very interesting set of Anti-German items from WWII!

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