Original U.S. WWII German Anti-Tank Tellermine T.Mi.42 Training Mine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This is a training mine manufactured for use by the United States Military in order to train their troops on how to deactivate live German teller mines in occupied Europe.The mine is totally inert, hollow, and marked dummy in (original) black paint on the underside. This a perfect addition to either a U.S. or German WWII collection!

The Tellermine 42 (T.Mi.42) was a German metal cased anti-tank blast mine used during the Second World War. The mine was a development of the Tellermine 35 with improved resistance to blast. It was followed by the simplified Tellermine 43. The mine consists of a circular pressed steel main body with a large central pressure fluted steel plate. The pressure plate is smaller than the earlier Tellermine 35, which increases the mine's resistance to blast. Two secondary fuze wells are provided for anti-handling devices, one in the side, and one on the bottom of the mine. The mine has a carrying handle.

Height: 102 mm
Diameter: 324 mm
Weight: 9.1 kg
Explosive content: 5.5 kg of TNT or 50/50 Amatol
Trigger weight: 100 to 180 kg

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