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Original U.S. WWII Everitt Black Handle Knuckle Fighting Knife

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice example of the rare U.S. WWII Everitt Knuckle fighting knife. These are one of the most mysterious U.S. Edged Weapons of all time, as no one knows what exactly the origin of the knives are. No reference indicates that anyone knows who “Everitt'' was, or who the company that produced the knives were. Some have surmised that it was the location of manufacture, but due to the passage of time, most likely the true answer will never be known. “Everitt'' Knives, most likely were fabricated in small numbers in a small workshop, like so many knife makers who made blades for troops overseas during the war.

A product of U.S. wartime production in WWII, these knives popped up in a few hands in the Pacific Theater while cameos in the ETO and elsewhere were less certain. This at least hints at a West Coast supplier with some mentioning the name could be in relation to Everitt, WA, though this is a reach.

There have been persistent rumors these knives were made “sterile” with few markings so they could be used in clandestine operations without leading back to any particular country. However, as these were offered for private sale and not bought through government channels, this is unlikely.

What is known is that these fighting knives were produced for use by US troops in the Pacific Theater of operations, and measure almost 12 inches in overall length. They feature a 5 inch long cast aluminum hilt, with four finger holes, which have small flat raised areas on the outside of each. The "palm" area of the grip is checkered, with a raised EVERITT marking. This is important to note, as most replicas of these have a stamped marking, and lack the proper texture. These knives came with either a black or green enamel paint on the handle. This example was painted blue over the original black paint, which was most likely done by a sailor. There is some chipping to the paint, but it is well retained. These are often found nearly devoid of paint.

The blade is a simple double-edged spear-point design, which measures about 7 inches long with thin central fullers. The knife is clearly intended for stabbing and only offered limited utility for the other duties that a combat knife might be called upon to deliver. The blades were usually painted with black enamel, however this example is blued, and this looks to be the original finish. The blade does have some small areas of oxidation and spots of former rust on one side, with some more advanced oxidation on the other. This has resulted in the blued finish degrading on that side from attempts to remove the rust. The blade itself shows signs of honest period use.

A great chance to pick up a very nice example of a rare WWII Knuckle knife. Ready to add to your edged weapon collection!

Blade Length: 6 3/4"
Blade Style: Double Edged Dagger
Overall length: 11 3/4“
Guard: 4 3/4" long x 3 1/2" wide

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