Original U.S. WWII Era Inert Practice Ordnance Training Lot Featuring a Rifle Grenade, Dive Bomb Practice Bombs and Bazooka Round - 4 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 4 Available. This is a wonderful assortment of WWII era inert practice ordnance. All items are totally inert and unable to be rendered live again to be used as a destructive device. All items are in complete compliance with the current BATF standards governing inert ordnance.

Not Available For Export

The Items In This Lot:
- M7A1 Anti-Tank Practice Rocket for the M1 and M1A1 2.36 Inch Bazooka Launcher: The inert rocket measures approximately 22 inches long and has not been repainted OD green like we so often see. The warhead and fin assembly still unscrew, allowing the interior to be inspected. The rocket does not have SIMCO stamped and has various letters stamped. There are no dents on the cone and all the fins are present and undamaged. The rocket was repainted black at some point, covering any stenciling if there was one present. The M7A1 rocket is nearly identical to the M6A1 with the only difference being the lack of an explosive charge in the M7A1.

- Repainted M11A3 Practice Grenade: The M11A3 was designed with replaceable components so that it may be easily repaired and re-used. This series included the M11A1 thru M11A4, each successive model incorporating cost reducing features for manufacture as well as use. Measures approximately 11.5" long and 2" in diameter and was repainted OD green with replicated markings.

- x2 AN Mk-43 Low-Altitude Horizontal and Dive Bombing Practice Bombs: The AN MK-23 practice bomb was one of three similar miniature practice bombs used for low-altitude horizontal or dive bombing practice during WWII. The other two were the AN MK-5 and the AN MK-43. The MK-23 has an overall length of 8.25" and is made of lead-antimony. The diameter at its largest point is 2.18". The fins are 2.5" in length. The weight, when empty, but with firing pin weighed approximately 4 lbs-5 oz., while when armed was approximately 4 lbs-7 oz.

The main differences among the three miniature bombs were that the MK-43 was made of lead-antimony, the MK-5 was made of zinc alloy, and the MK-23 was made of cast iron. This gave each bomb a different weight for a different purpose. All three bombs used a 10-gauge shotgun shell as the signal (AN MK-4) as explained below.

All items come more than ready for further research and display.

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